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Everybody wondered why a pert cute young lady like 25 year old Uma chose to marry the rich Christian convert millionaire tycoon Seth. Seth was a 45 year old widower with a young son of 16 years who stood nearly as tall as Uma herself. Add to this was the fact the young boy was mentally retarded. Why should she choose to become the mother of such a boy, they asked. Why should she convert into a Christian girl? The world was full of handsome men. It was rather obvious that Uma had chosen her life based on the financial bit - she was from a poor family and had come up by dint of sheer determination. Seth had taken every opportunity to put her down, and she had always been submissive. When Seth had proposed, Uma had meekly accepted.On the day of the wedding, Uma was the picture of submission, when she said 'I do' in to enter into matrimony with Seth. Seth had kissed her roughly in front of the entire crowd to prove his superiority. But Uma had something on her mind.The Benz brought the newly weds home. Uma had her only friend - a great Dane along with her. Uma looked radiant in her new bridal outfit. Seth wanted to fuck her and fuck her badly. He called the head of his servants. 'I want all the servants, including you that is - outta here in the next five minutes. I've got to do a job on that fresh ass wife of mine - and take her dog to the kennels and feed him something' The head waiter nodded meekly. In a few minutes the servants were trooping out of his house.Uma walked up with a glass of champagne. Seth drank deeply as he threw the glass aside and drew her into his arms. He was surprised when Uma kissed him back. His head started to spin. 'You bitch!! What was in the champagne you gave me...' said Seth as he fell down into a drugged sleep. Uma had him where she wanted him. Uma phoned his doctor and told him that Seth was feeling a little uneasy and was shivering a little. The doctor assured her in a jovial mood that any man who married a girl like Uma at his age would definitely shiver his heart out. Uma laughed as she thanked the doctor and kept the phone down. Next she moved the limp body of Seth into the master bedroom prepared for her bridal night. She quickly undressed him. She tied his hands behind his back and his legs firmly together. She attached a leather leash attached to his neck and tied it to the pillar. And she waited for the effect of the drug to wear off. Seth woke up with a fantastic headache. It took sometime for him to realise his plight. He shouted his indignation for sometime. He called Uma names. And her mother and her father too!. Uma watched in excited curiosity. Then she calmly told him that she had slipped a mickey into his champagne.She also told him that she had phoned his doctor about his shivers. 'What shivers?' asked Seth. 'The shivers you are going to get when I pump two vials of a special South Indian drug into your body with my little syringe - I hear the effects are worse when the patient is very excited', said Uma calmly. The great Dane wandered into the room.'Get this mutt outa here!' cried Seth as the dog started to sniff around him. 'Did you really think that I would let a dog like you fuck me Seth?' asked Uma. Seth paled in fright. He sputtered something. Uma switched on the stereo and turned up the volume. She started to dance a ritual, sexy and obviously aroused dance. She picked up a thin needle and fitted it on the syringe with her back to Seth. She spiked the vial of the unknown drug and then with the hypodermic hidden in her palm she approached Seth. Her mutt watched. She sat herself on Seth's lap.'OOOOH! Seth! I knew you would sacrifice everything in the world for me! Tomorrow when I have you committed for insanity, I will become the sole owner of everything you own!!' she said in glee.'Bitch! You wont get away with this!' swore Seth.'Oh! But I will Seth!! Wait and see!!' said Uma as she kissed him full on the mouth. At the same time, she spiked his buttocks with the syringe and squeezed the plunger. Seth looked into her lust crazed eyes in horror. She walked out of the room and returned with his son who dumbly followed her.'The drug works best when a person is fully pumped with adrenaline, so I thought I would bring your son to help me out' said Uma.'Leave him alone, you bitch!!' screamed Seth.'Tut-Tut. Bad language from one who is going to become mad in a few more minutes! Maybe you need to know who is mistress here' said Uma as she tied him face down on the short table with a length of rope. His ass was in the air. 'He is yours Tiger. And enjoy yourself' she said to the dog.'No!! don't! NOOOOOOO!!! You can't do this to me! I am Seth!!! A millionaire!!' yelled Seth at the top of his voice as Tiger lumbered behind him. The dog started to lick his ass.'He is just getting you wet. You are his bitch tonight, Seth!' said Uma. 'And I find your offspring most interesting. I felt him over sometime ago but he seems to have a rather large cock for his age. Is he really only sixteen years old? I wonder...' said Uma as she looked over the retarded young boy, Sanju.She started to undress the young boy. 'Is he really your son Seth? His skin is of a different colour. So are his eyes. His hair is curly, and yours is straight. And look at his cock and balls Seth,' said Uma as she looked at his Jocks outlining the instruments which held promise ' they're huge. You've got a small dick Seth, and balls the size of grapes. I doubt whether you could have sired this young man. Maybe your wife did a little cheating on you.''Bitch!! Let me go this very instant!! When I'm free, I'll kill you!!!' cried Seth.'By the way Seth' said Uma as she watched the dog lick his anus and balls with obvious glee, 'I opened your safe,' she said pointing to the jewelry box and cash and gold biscuits. She laid the cash and biscuits out on the bed. 'All this is for me' she said matter-of-factly. She also laid out his stock options, shares and bank passbooks on the bed. She opened the jewelry box and started to bedeck herself with the Jewelry in the box. Necklaces, chains, earrings, bangles, waistband, and a Tiara, with golden leg chains to match. She looked like a Goddess. 'And your handsome fool stud son will be my sex slave,' she giggled as she looked the young boy over. Sanju was healthy, innocent and virginal. Capital.'Say, You could use a little bit of cuckolding,' said Uma. 'Up and at em Tiger!!' commanded Uma.The huge dog put his paws on Seth's back. His penis head searched for Seth's asshole. The shivering had started. Seth was starting to feel the effects of the drug as it heightened his level of several chemicals in his brains. Uma quickly switched on all the lights in the bedroom. She pranced up on the bed and made the boy climb up too. There was money all around her. Her slaver was now in a very humiliated condition and she had a young boy to do with as she liked. This was a setting from heaven for the cuckolding of the century. As Tiger found his mark, Uma tugged at Sanju's Jocks. She gasped in surprise as Seth gasped in pain. His pubic area was cute and hairless. His penis was as long as 6' when flaccid and his balls were the size of large walnuts. He smelled fresh. Uma watched Tiger pound Seth's ass. Seth looked at her in total defeat. His face was starting to develop a nervous tic. She looked at her reflection in the full size mirror on the roof of the bed and on the wall. She looked like a queen. And she had a dumb boy for her pleasure. She smelled his virginal, unused penis. She started to stroke it. It slowly started to respond. Uma was wild with excitement She knew the sort of effect this scene would have on poor Seth. To see his virgin wife feed and thereafter fuck his retarded son while cuckolding him to madness.She rolled back the head of his penis to expose his glans. 'Look at me Seth!' she cried as she mouthed Sanju's member in abandoned glee. She sucked on the member and deep throated his virgin cock. She stopped to get out of her wet, wet panties. She got down from the bed and sashayed her way to Seth. She stuffed her panties into his mouth, and taped it shut. The smell of her heat would reach his nostrils. She reached down to check Seth's cock. It was hardening. Good work by Tiger who was approaching a higher speed in the anal fucking of poor Seth. Uma got back onto the bed and Sanju. She made him sit down on the bed. She sat on his lap.'Not all mentally retarded Indian stepsons get to fuck their virgin stepmothers on her bridal night - and that too with the father watching - You're so lucky Sanju' she said as she kissed him full on the mouth. Uma started to lick the boy all over his face and body as Seth writhed in the agony that the effects of the drug were causing in him. The combined effects of the drug and Uma's actions and the debasement he was undergoing at the hands of the dog were resulting in rage, impotency, shame and a rush of adrenaline, compounding the goings on in his mind. Uma lay back on the bed with gold and diamonds on and around her. There were several high currency notes around her. She pulled the boy close and exposed one of her luscious breasts.'He is sucking my tits now' she announced. As the boy sucked, she left hickeys on his shoulders. She drew him up and kissed his face. She bit his nipples. 'I'm gonna ask him to tongue my bridal twat now.' Said Uma as she gathered her skirts up to expose her hairless vulva. Instinctively, Sanju dived. She guided his tongue to her wet cunt. 'Lap away Sanju!' she ordered. She was nearing her climax. But she wanted one supreme moment of complete success that she waited for. She could see the beads of sweat on Seth' fore head as he stared at his son take his fresh wife. 'He is licking my clitty now' declared Uma. Seth's face started to quiver. Uma turned Sanju on his back and straddled his legs. 'Look Seth!! Sanju's cock is gonna enter my virgin cunt and he is going to shoot you wife's cunt full of boy cum!!' yelled Uma. In full view of Seth, Uma hiked her skirts and dropped the front of her dress exposing her perfect breasts and perfect cunt and ass to view. 'Look at that cock!' said Uma pointing to Sanju's very erect prick. She looked at Seth's tortured countenance, as she lowered herself onto Sanju’s bulging cockhead.'He is breaking in Seth!! Into what should have been you citadel!!!' said Uma as she speared herself on the young boy’s cock. 'There goes my hymen!!!' said Uma in mock pain. 'Look at our union Seth' she said as she started to fuck the boy silly in long, smooth, lithe movements.Seth was beginning to go into a fit of rage. As Uma approached her climax, Seth started to have a fit. Sanju was ready to shoot his load. 'Now Tiger! Nooooww!!!!!' yelled Uma, and the dog in response plunged his gigantic cock base into poor Seth's tortured asshole. It started to swell to its diameter of five inches. Seth was shaking in a mixture of rage, impotence and helplessness, and was going into fits. When the dog started to spurt inside Seth, that was the last straw. The dog's dick had grown massive, and Seth was locked to him. 'AGH! AAAGH! AAAAAGGGH!' went Uma as she rode the stud cock.Seth screamed in agony when the dog started to come, Uma went over the edge in a loud, ear shattering orgasm which drew the fuck juices out of Sanju like a calf's mouth milking its mothers udder for milk. Unable to control himself, Seth had one little orgasm producing a little pool of cum on the floor. Seth had fainted.When Seth woke up after a few minutes. He found he had lost his capacity to move his limbs. He could not speak or articulate properly. Uma had untied him. People would think nothing, as his son was already having a mental problem!'I hope you liked the cuckolding. I've also got something else for you,' said Uma She laid him on his back on the bed. She stood over him menacingly and lifted her skirts, exposing her just fucked vulva. She squatted over his face and let him smell her vulva for some time. The she pried his mouth open. 'For you,' she said as she squeezed her lover's cum into his mouth with a jet of warm piss. She then started to piss freely in his mouth and over his face. 'There's more,' she said as she shifted her ass to his nose. She farted loudly. She held Seth's mouth open as the first huge bridal turd made its appearance. The stink was horrible. 'Don't let it break, please,' she cooed as she strained to push the huge log out into the waiting mouth and down the throat of the decapitated unfortunate Seth. 'It's bridal shit,' she said as she pushed further. 'I love shitting in your mouth after fucking your son,' she said. The cuckolding of Seth the millionaire was finally complete

The tears began to well in my eyes. 'Please don't do this, Mistress. Please.' My words came out almost as sobs. I looked out the window at the night scene. An industrial section of the city. Well lit, but deserted. We passed a pair of barely dressed women. They waved at the limo we were in, and lewdly gestured at us, trying to see into the tinted windows. If they had, they would see a driver. A muscular Black man who didn't say much, because he didn't HAVE to.In the back seat, they would see my Mistress. Leather dress. Elegant, wise and cruel. She lit a cigarette, 'Over here is good.' And the Driver pulled over. And next to my Mistress was me. But not a 'me' that anyone would recognize. Short red skirt. Black fishnet stockings. Black tube top. Black skyscraper heels. Topped off with a curly blonde wig. She had not left off a heavy coat of cherry red lipstick and false eyelashes.Mistress looked at me seated there beside her. Took a deep drag on her cigarette. 'You look . . . like a whore.' And she laughed as she smirked at me. I was starting to tear. I knew what was coming next. She now looked at me sternly. 'Last chance, luv. I want the pin to your online banking account, and the pin to this ATM card.' She held up my ATM card for me to see. 'You give that up, and we drive back to my place, we clean you up, and get you home by 11. You hold back, and we put you out onto this gutter here. We drive away. And you will stay there until you DO give it up.'She then handed me a cell phone. I looked at the face of it and the numbers on the face were epoxied over. Impossible to punch or dial any number. Only the 'resend' button was active.'That button will reach my cell phone. I will be on my laptop here wired into your bank site, sitting in front of your bank branch in about seven minutes.' Mistress then tucked the cellphone into my tubetop. 'You call me with those bank codes, and we will be back here to pick you up immediately.'The Driver laughed now. 'That bitch won't last 10 minutes out there.' 'He thinks I'm bluffing.' Mistress said to the Driver, and took another drag on her cigarette. But I couldn't give her the account number. This was our family account. And the pin was the one my wife used as well. It would also give Mistress access to everything. I had been holding off for months now. Paying her weekly payments. But she wanted more. Wanted access to it all. I had to hold off as long as I could. I would see this thru. Mistress was reading my mind, 'It's no picnic out there, hon. You'll be alone there. Who knows what kind of trade will come by. Cops? You want that? You want your wife to bail you out? This is REAL risk we're talking about. This is no fucking game out there. Your life is at risk'She then leaned toward me and straightened my wig. Touched her finger to the edge of my lips, erasing a stray bit of lipstick.She nodded to the Driver, who got out, and walked around the car toward my side. 'Are you going to give me those pin codes now? Or are you going to learn just how serious I am about getting control over you. ALL of you.'I just breathed heavily. Would she REALLY do this? Now, the Driver opened the door. The night air was warm, but the smell rank, in this deserted industrial area.'Out of the car hon. Now.' The Driver held the door, and looked in threateningly. I swiveled in the seat, and got out into the deserted street. I almost fell over on the high spike heels. 'Did I say ten minutes?' The Driver said, and laughed.Mistress tossed her cigarette at my feet. 'Just don't lose that cell, hon. You ARE out here until you call me with those codes.' Then, she handed a purse to the Driver, who handed it to me. 'Just in case.' She said. And with that, the door shut, the Driver got in the car, and they left.Now, I was alone. Warehouses and storage facilities. Small factories. In the distance, a few hundred yards away, a solitary woman strolled up and down the sidewalk. That must mean there IS traffic here. Looking for women. Now I was scared. I stood there in my short skirt. Tube top. Skyscraper heels. Large blonde wig. But obviously a man under them. In the distance, a car whizzed past. While that car had passed, I looked around for shelter in case another one came by. Only the indents in the buildings. The doorways. But was I 'safer' there?My heart began beating. I was alone. Every minute, I thought my Mistress would return. Hadn't she taught me enough of a lesson? Wouldn't she come back and get me in a few minutes.How had I gotten myself into this? It started as a game. A little teasing. Some payments. A little more. Some information exchanged. She was so sweet when we met. It would all be a game. Until it STOPPED being a game.Time moved on, and I moved into a doorway, out of the view of the street. I was scared. This was taking forever. Police sirens in the distance, but nothing nearby. Then, a sound. A car slowly cruising by. I could hear the thumping bass. It got closer, and was about to pass right in front of me. The music got louder. The car appeared. A young black man passed by and looked at me. He paused a moment, looked me up and down, sneered, and drove on. My heart was pumping a mile a minute. Mistress PLEASE come back. Silence again. Then, the phone rang. I opened it. Heard laughter on the other end. 'You ready yet, bitch?' Mistress asked, in her mocking voice. 'Call out the pin numbers, and we'll be there in 7 minutes. If not, you can stay all night. Did you look inside the purse yet?'I fumbled to open the purse. Inside were a half-dozen condoms and a tube of KY jelly. I could hear her laughing on the other end of the phone. 'In case you need to earn your way home.'I clicked the purse shut. 'So? What will it be?''Please Mistress. You wouldn't leave me out here all night. Please!' I was almost crying.'I will hon. No money. No ID. No keys. A mile from the nearest subway. When will your wife be expecting you home, btw? It's past midnight. About 40 minutes have passed. I'm ready to leave you out there all fucking night. You WILL have a lot of explaining to do, won't you hon? . . . IF you make it till morning.'My heart was pounding. As I stood there, hunkering in a doorway in a deserted industrial area, I knew that any minute a police car could come by. A group of assholes looking to make trouble. Or a maniac. 'Waiting sweety.' Mistress said.My heart was beating. 'You need a little incentive? Want me to go into this bar across the street and TELL the horny guys exactly where you are? And that you are giving out free blowjobs? That you like it rough? Will THAT help you make a decision?'I was screwed. This was damage control. I had to give in now. I knew she was serious. She WOULD do that.'Alright,' I sighed.'ATM code first.' She said. I heard the beep of her entering the bank's ATM center. The card slides into the machine.I sniffled. '573253' I said into the phone. In resignation.Not a word from Mistress. Just her hitting the numbers on the keypad. Then, the machine spitting out an endless stream of bills.'Please come for me now, Mistress.' I begged.'Not yet. What is your pin for the online banking?' She said back.I sighed. 'The same one, Mistress. Please come get me.''I just need to check this passcode. I'll find a wifi hotspot somewhere, check it, and be there in a few. Be patient. If you have to get out of any jams, remember the condoms and KY. Play safe!' I heard the Driver laugh, and Mistress clicked off.I shuddered to think what I will find in my bank account by morning. Would I be able to even get onto my account? Will she have changed the passwords. What will happen then? I wiped the tears from my eyes, and huddled in the doorway. It was much longer than 15 minutes. Where were they? Please make them come.I heard a group of men approaching. They were loud and drunk. 'Hey. Look over there!' And they started moving my way.What have I let my life become ?

The Interrogation.
'That's him. Uthmaan Sedek.'
Hedya Zwieg sighed inwardly as the Ségen mishne pointed at the man on the monitor. Of course it was him, he was the only one in the room. Hedya was a woman who disliked irrelevancies, and the five minutes she had spent with the young officer had been more than enough to convince her that he was the type of man who would chatter on endlessly when there was simply no need.
Her face showed no sign whatsoever of her irritation. Hedya's face very rarely showed any sign of anything that she didn't want to show. She tuned the Ségen mishne's voice out as he began to ramble on about how the man had been captured; nothing she didn't already know, and he was only talking to try and show her how brave and important he was. It was only natural, since Ségen mishne was the lowest officer rank in the Army. She already knew that he was attracted to her - no surprise there, most every man she met was - and that if he talked long enough, he might actually convince himself that she would agree to spend some time with him later on.
She almost smiled at that thought. If he irritated her enough, she might just accept the invitation when it came. Let him experience just what an evening in her company would lead to.
Although the image on the monitor was black and white and of poor quality, she could see that the man was an Arab, perhaps in his late teens. He'd been picked up on a sweep through Kafr Hamâm, a town just a few kilometres over the border. Most of the residents had already left during the halt to air strikes her government had held. Anybody still there deserved a second look, and the man had been acting suspiciously according to the platoon that captured him.
Of course, he probably wasn't a member of Hezbollah. Like most terrorist groups the organisation was small, especially the military wing, and given the current conflict 'looking suspicious' was synonymous with 'looking Arab' to the Israeli army. But Hezbollah enjoyed considerable support from the average Lebanese citizen; the kid likely knew something useful.
Not that it mattered to Hedya one way or the other, of course.
She turned to the officer, hardly any older than her victim. 'That will be all,' she announced, cutting him off in mid word. He looked hurt but nodded and left.
She removed her long coat, dropping it over a chair, then picked up her shoulder bag. One of the two men she had brought with her followed her down the corridor and took up position outside the cell; the other would watch the monitor, monitoring the interview. She'd trained the men herself, years ago. Chaim had been quite a struggle, but she'd broken him completely within a month; both men literally worshipped her now, and could be trusted to keep people out of the room no matter what happened and to keep their mouths shut afterwards. She proceeded inside, dropping the bag just inside the door.
The kid had already been stripped and his hands tied behind his back, as she had instructed. He was sitting on a simple wooden chair behind a large sturdy table. He looked up as she entered, and a sneering smile crept across his face. She'd seen the exact same reaction dozens of times before. He'd spent last night worrying about what was coming, and now his single thought was... it's only a woman. The Lebanese weren't amongst the worst when it came to this attitude, and she wondered if he had spent time in Syria or Iran. If so, his chances of being somebody important went up considerably.
His eyes tracked down across her body hungrily. It was a simple fact of Hedya's working life that for all their religion had to say about sex, the average Muslim was far and away more obsessed with it than the westerners they looked down on so. It was a double standard she used to maximum effect.
Her attire was designed to encourage that interest. Hedya was clad in her normal interrogation outfit; knee high red leather boots, a G-string and bra in matching material. To a man who had probably never seen a naked woman outside of ragged pictures swapped with his most trusted friends, the effect was electric. His jaw literally dropped open, his eyes bulging in their sockets.
She waited a long moment, letting him enjoy the view. Then she crossed over and walked around the table. She straddled his lap, leaning in close so that they were nose to nose. Her considerable breasts pressed up against his chest; she could feel an erection rapidly growing, pressing against her stomach, feel his body trembling under her. She held her mouth close, her eyes locked on his. Hedya had a gaze that could practically melt steel when she wanted it to. She trailed a hand down his side, feeling his muscles shuddering at her touch.
Uthmaan struggled to keep control of himself. His skin was cold after a night without heating, naked in the freezing concrete cell; the Israeli woman felt like her body was molten lava and she was drawing a line of liquid fire across his skin. He shuddered as she slid her hand between them and cupped his balls gently, sliding her fingers around the top of the scrotum to imprison the testicles in her grasp. Oh Allah, it was true what they said about the Jews, their women were all sluts, whores to be despised. And yet, he could not stop his reaction. He groaned and his eyelids flickered; his cock was harder than it had ever been.
She paused, her lips less than a centimetre from his, then smiled and moved to his ear. 'Where are the rockets?' She whispered sensuously, in perfect Arabic.
'Wh... what?' Her use of a civilised language, and so perfectly at that, startled him. He tried to pull back, but the chair back didn't give him room.
'The rockets. I want you to tell me where they are. Can you do that for me? I'd be... very grateful...' Hedya kept her voice low and breathy, a promise as much as a question.
She felt his body tense. 'I know nothing,' he muttered.
'That's a shame,' she murmured. And then she squeezed.
He yelled in pain and bucked in the chair, trying to throw her free, but it was useless. He was a half starved kid, barely five six in his bare feet. She was eight inches taller and a good thirty pounds heavier. She squeezed harder and he screeched, this time in fear as much as pain as he realised that he wasn't going to be able to get away. She kept her thumb and forefinger circled at the base of his scrotum, so there was no way his balls could retreat into his body as she squeezed them between the rest of her fingers and the palm of her hand. She built the pressure, squeezing harder and harder. He wailed like a strangled cat, thrashing under her, but there was no way he was getting free.
'It hurts so bad, doesn't it?' She whispered into his ear. She could feel the familiar tingle of excitement in her stomach, spreading down towards her pussy. The thrill that she felt only from hurting a man. 'I can barely imagine what it must be like. You must feel like you're dying, like I'm just turning your balls into mush. And if this goes on long enough, you'll be right.'
He tried to throw himself sideways and she looped her other arm through the back of the chair and took a good handful of hair so that she could brace herself against the movement. She squeezed at a constant pressure, not pulling or twisting at all, just applying force. Unending, excruciating force.
'It must be almost unbearable,' she said in the same breathy whisper she had used so far. 'But of course, you have to bear it. I won't allow you a choice. What can't be cured must be endured, I always say. And there's no way you can get out of this, nothing you can do about it. Nothing except tell me what I want to know.'
'Please...' Uthmaan begged, genuinely terrified now. How long will this go on? Oh please Allah, not long! 'Please don't... I know nothing... I'm innocent ...'
'Uthmaan, darling, that won't help at all,' she said softly. She squeezed as hard as she could now, and he threw his head to the side despite her grip and screamed, screamed as if he was never going to stop. His face was red, his entire body covered in sweat. When he ran out of breath he drew in a ragged lungful of air and just started in on the screaming once more.
She kept it up until he was practically limp in the chair, his screams diminished to low moans. Then she released her grip on him and sat back, smiling brightly. His eyes were unfocused, glazed over. She leaned back and slapped him across the face, as hard as she could. His head rolled comically and his gaze snapped back into focus.
'Awake now?' She asked pleasantly. He drew a breath.
'Let me go, please,' he said in a ragged voice. 'I have done nothing, I know nothing.'
'Oh darling, haven't you understood this yet? The only way you are going to get out of this room alive is to tell me where the rockets are. That's it. Anything else is going to result in your death. I'm perfectly prepared to believe that you are completely innocent, you don't have to work to convince me of that. But if you are... well, that's just too bad for you. If you are innocent I am going to hurt you... and hurt you... until there's nothing of you left to hurt.
'For starters, I'm going to break out my strap-on. You know what that is?'
He shook his head, too frightened to speak.
'Oh darling, I can't wait to show it to you. I've ripped many an arsehole open with mine.' She stood and stretched sinuously, feeling his eyes crawling all over her body despite the pain he was obviously in.
Sex and fear was an incredibly effective combination, especially in the middle east. The Americans had discovered it almost by chance at Abu Ghraib; the men abused by women tended to crack far more easily than those abused by a man. It was inherent to the Arab psyche; there was a culture of machismo across the Arab world and even the most modern and civilised of Arab nations tended to regard women as second class citizens. The open female sexuality of western-style nations was something shameful and sinful to many... and the average Hezbollah member had a rather more fifteenth century outlook on things. To be confronted by a woman who so completely epitomised their stereotypes, and then to be so completely dominated and humiliated by her, was a shattering experience for prisoners like this.
'So do you want to tell me where the rockets are yet?'
'I... I honestly don't know,' he said quietly.
Hedya went to her bag, hooking her fingers into the G-string and yanking it down as she went. She could practically feel his eyes on her ass as she bent down and rummaged through the bag. She pulled the harness out and stepped into it, pulling it up securely around her waist. She had had it custom made, and it fitted her perfectly. The dildo was shiny red, a colossal fourteen inches long. It was narrow and pointed at the head for ease of penetration, but the shaft rapidly widened to two and a half inches in diameter. The entire shaft was covered in quarter inch rubber studs to give it that extra added something. Best of all, the base was not just a blunt circle of plastic; it was moulded to fit her pussy perfectly, a small projection nestling against her clit.
As soon as he saw it his eyes widened. This was surely a joke, an abomination like that could not exist! Allah would not allow such things! He felt the walls closing in on him. He had to get out, had to escape...
She had seen that expression a dozen times before, she knew what he was going to do probably before he even realised it.
He bolted from the chair and ran for the door.
Hedya had been taught Krav Maga by some of the best instructors the Israeli army had to offer. She had always been particularly good in the Haganah variant, which specialised in allowing someone at a disadvantage to overpower a larger attacking adversary. She had repeatedly proven herself capable of defeating opponents who were considerably larger and stronger than she was; against this weakling, weakened by a cold night on a concrete floor with no sleep, she knew she wouldn't even break a sweat.
Her long leg lashed out with blinding speed, the steel-capped boot landing squarely on the balls of the terrified youngster. He crumpled instantly to the floor, crying out as his already tortured balls were subjected to more abuse. Hedya stepped back and drove her boot into his solar plexus with perfect accuracy. The kid groaned and tried to stagger to his feet. She let him up to his knees and then launched a second kick that sent him sprawling again.
She took hold of the thick coarse rope which was tied around his wrists and jerked his arms up and away from his body, putting a savage strain on his shoulders. He cried out in pain as she wrenched at his arms again and again, twisting them up past ninety degrees, tearing his shoulder muscles badly and threatening to dislocate his shoulders. When she was satisfied at the damage she had inflicted she untied his hands and let them flop to the floor. Both arms twitched spastically, and he moaned in pain.
Hedya walked around the groaning youth slowly, drinking in the noises he was making. Casually she lifted a boot and stamped the heel down as hard as she could on his outstretched hand, smiling in satisfaction as she felt the bones crunch beneath her foot.
She heard him begin sobbing as she dragged him back over to the table and hauled him up, tossing him over the wooden surface chest down. She grabbed a tube of lubricant from the bag and squirted some over the slick red surface of the hard rubber, making sure not to put too much on. No need to make this easy on the boy, after all.
Uthmaan's sobs turned to shrieks as she placed the tip of the strap-on against his anus, but there was really nothing he could do - he was still too winded from her blows to resist effectively, and she held him down effortlessly.
Hedya was not one to take things slow and easy. She eased the narrow tip of the phallus into the ring of muscle, took a deep breath, leaned forward and took a good solid grip on his shoulders, then lunged forward as fast and hard as she could.
The ring of muscle resisted for an instant, the reddish-brown colour turning white as it stretched to breaking point. Then it split as her full weight and strength came to bear, and the terrible, magnificent dildo slid into him in one smooth movement.
Pain or not he managed to fill his lungs and scream once again. Hedya smiled in rapturous joy at the noise - the little bastard sounded as though the very torments of hell had descended upon him. She slammed the strap-on home right to the root, watching the split in his sphincter muscle widen and squirt a trickle of blood onto the intruder, red upon delicious red. The base end was doing its work as well as ever, and she could feel the excitement building within her.
Without pause she pulled back until the tip was just barely inside him. He drew a choked breath as he felt the huge obscenity within him withdrawing, then screamed again as she rammed forwards once more, right to the hilt. Hedya moaned right along with him, a sound of rapidly increasing ecstasy.
'Mercy!' He gasped between sobs. 'Mercy!'
She actually laughed out loud at that. 'Oh darling, compared to what I am capable of, this is mercy!' She rammed home again to emphasise the point. 'How does it feel, Uthmaan? To be so helpless, lying there like a child while a woman rapes your ass? Do you like it?' She punctuated her words with sharp, hard thrusts, every one sinking right to the root. She had once had a doctor autopsy one of her victims after she was finished with him. The man had shown her what his bowel looked like when the strap-on was through with it. It wasn't a pretty sight.
'Allah forgive me...' the kid muttered. 'Allah forgive me...'
'Oh no, Allah isn't going to help you now,' she said, letting laughter enter her voice again. 'You're not married, boy! According to your Qu'ran you're committing adultery right now. And we all know how forgiving Allah is about that, don't we? What is the punishment?'
He fell silent, weeping to himself. Hedya smiled; actually the Qu'ran was rather forgiving, of most things. But the fanatics who her people dealt with always seemed to miss that part of the message.
She kept pounding away at him for perhaps ten minutes - it wouldn't do to spend too much time on any one activity, it let them get used to it too much, begin to realise that they were withstanding it, and might therefore be able to withstand more. The pleasure vibrating through her body grew and grew; there were few things she liked more than buggering a man into submission, there was just something about raping them that was so visceral. She finally came in a crashing orgasm, throwing her head back and screaming her bliss to the world as the convulsions crashed through her. It seemed to go on forever, as it always did, wave after wave of pleasure that threatened to sweep her away.
When she finally withdrew, his sphincter gaped wide open. Then entire ring of muscle was deep red, shading towards purple at the edge. It had split in two places, and blood was still trickling down his thighs. She could see deep into his bowels; it looked awfully sore in there.
She tossed his limp body back onto the chair and straddled him again, this time with her cock pressed up against his stomach, lubricant and blood and shit smearing across his abdomen. She smiled at the look on his face. 'Oh darling, you should see yourself! You look positively wonderful.'
He was pretty zoned out. She slapped his face again, putting all of her considerable strength into it. It took two more blows before he began to refocus. But what the hell, she was enjoying the feel of his skin against her hand! She gave him a dozen more slaps, then slammed the palm of her hand squarely into his nose for good measure. It crunched satisfactorily and blood trickled down into his mouth.
'Are you ready to answer my question yet?' She asked pleasantly.
'I... I don't know anything...' he whispered.
She nodded. 'Never mind, we just carry on until you're dead then. But cheer up, at least it's going to take quite a while!'
She grabbed a double handful of hair and stood in one swift movement, hurling him to the floor. He seemed to be recovering a bit, so she stepped in and kicked him in the ribs a couple of times, the steel toecaps on her boots thudding most satisfactorily into his side. She launched one last particularly brutal kick, and felt the familiar yielding crack of a rib popping.
Moving down, she launched another barrage of kicks into his thigh muscles. She targeted the quadriceps muscles; hit with sufficient force the muscle could be crushed against the bone, tearing it and causing considerable pain and loss of mobility. Hedya wanted him nice and subdued for her next little trick.
She stripped the strap-on off and tossed it on the table, then went over to her bag and retrieved the next toy. She kicked the boy over onto his back. He groaned and flopped around a bit, but he wasn't going to be able to do a lot more for a while.
'Now here's what's going to happen next, darling. You're going to put your tongue out and lick my asshole. Understand?'
'No,' he cried in fear. 'No, I won't do that! Please, you can't make me do that!'
'Oh, I don't really think you want to be telling me what I can and can't do to you, darling. Not a boy in your position.' She held the toy up. A blocky green plastic case with a slender 24 inch rod sticking out from it. 'Know what this is?' She could see from his eyes that he did not. 'It's a cattle prod. A Hot Shot HS36 cattle prod, to be precise. Delivers nine thousand volts. Here's what it feels like.'
She touched it to his chest. The effects were impressive, as usual; his entire body arced upwards, utterly rigid. He didn't say anything - he didn't have enough control of his muscles to even scream, let alone speak.
She switched it off. He flopped to the floor like a dead fish, struggling to draw breath. 'You know,' she said conversationally as she waited for him to recover, 'my name is Hedya. It means 'echo of God', or really 'voice of God'. And that's how we're going to be, you and I. When I speak to you, when I tell you to do something, you are going to react as if I spoke with the voice of God. And if you resist, if you hesitate even a little, then I will put this thing on your balls. Now I am going to squat down over your face and you are going to lick my asshole out. Understood?'
He stared at her, his eyes like saucers. 'I... I understand. I will do what you say.'
'Excellent honey, I know you will,' she said with a smile. She waited until the look of relief began to appear in his eyes. 'But you did hesitate a bit there, so...' she leaned down quickly and touched the prod to his balls. He went rigid as before, completely unable to protect himself or even flinch away as she poured the voltage through him.
So cruel, she thought to herself. There was no reproach in the thought; she truly lived for moments like these. She shocked him again and again, watching the hairs on his scrotum singe and the wrinkled skin begin to burn where the metal prongs touched it. After perhaps ten good long jolts she stepped back, dangling the prod carelessly from her hand while she waited for him to recover. It took much longer this time.
'Now Uthmaan, let's try this again. I am going to squat down over your face and you are going to lick my asshole out. Do you understand?'
'Yes!' He almost screamed it. 'Oh Allah yes, please, I'll do as you ask just don't hurt me again!'
'Excellent!' She truly meant it - it was the first time since she walked in the door that he had voluntarily done as she asked under threat of pain rather than being actively forced into it. Somewhere deep inside of him, a little voice had started saying the old familiar mantra. You can't stop her. She's insane, and she can do what she wants with you in here. Do what she asks and the pain will stop. If he did know anything useful, probably he was telling himself to save his strength for the real battle, to keep his information secret. It was a common mistake; once a prisoner began to agree to anything to avoid pain, he'd set a precedent that would make it easier and easier to surrender to her.
And that was what she wanted. What she needed. Absolute, total surrender.
She squatted down over his face, prod at the ready. She couldn't actually use it whilst she was in contact with him, but even if he knew that he was most likely too stressed to realise it now.
She felt his tongue lap against her sphincter muscle, tentatively at first. 'Faster!' She snapped. 'Push it in there, much harder than that!'
He complied immediately, as she expected. He wouldn't last much longer...
Hedya groaned with pleasure. If sodomizing a man was her greatest thrill, then having one lick her out like this ran it a close second. She ground her buttocks into his face, working to get his tongue deeper into her. He seemed to understand what she wanted, and slid his tongue through the tightly clenched ring of muscle. She heard him moan with her, and saw that his cock was beginning to stir.
Well, well, she thought. Given her frequent use of sexual-based tortures it wasn't actually that unusual for a man to become aroused during an interrogation, though they were usually horribly ashamed of themselves for it. When it happened, it was an excellent weapon in her arsenal.
Uthmaan was sickened by his growing erection. Surely not, he thought to himself. The woman was insane, she represented everything he loathed and detested... but there was no denying the raw sexuality she exuded. The women in Lebanon ranged from those who embraced western-style immorality through to Muslim women properly clad in the hijab. But his father had been utterly contemptuous of anything but the most strict interpretation of Islam, and had made every effort to make sure than his son hadn't even seen a woman without proper dress as he grew up. And in looks and dress, this Hedya was nothing more or less than the archetypal western-style slut, a prostitute who sold herself for nothing. Such women were to be avoided.
And yet, although he would never admit it, the western-style women simultaneously repelled and fascinated him. Hedya's open sexuality was having it's effect on him, whether he liked it or not. As he forced his tongue deeper into her ass he could taste the bitter sting of her musk, incredibly strong even though she was thankfully clean down there. As he worked she directed him, always urging him to godeeper, faster. And then, the most incredible thing happened. He felt the warmth of her fingers around his cock.
Hedya curled her hand around his cock, amused at the rather pathetic size of it. She had considerable experience in masturbation, of both sexes. She manipulated him expertly, bringing him rapidly to full stretch. She worked it faster and faster, trying to gauge his excitement so that it built with her own.
'Come for me honey, there's a good boy. Come for Hedya.' She judged it just perfectly; as her second orgasm crashed through her body Uthmaan's cock jerked in her hand, pumping a thick wad of semen into the air which splashed onto his stomach.
She sat back, smiling as she ran her fingers through the sticky mess. She locked her eyes on his as she brought her fingers to his lips, the cattle prod in her other hand conveying a clear if unspoken command.
He didn't dare hesitate. He flicked his tongue over her fingers, licking up his own cum. He gagged as he swallowed it down, but managed to hold his stomach as she scooped up a second load and fed it to him.
Uthmaan grimaced as the taste of his own cum filled his mouth. The slimy stuff was disgusting, and he struggled to hold his stomach as he swallowed it. When the devil-woman had fed him every last bit she resumed her position above his face and he winced, sure that she would make him lick her anus again - and to his shame, he was already stiffening again at the thought.
But this time she took up a slightly different position, her cunt directly above his face. She angled her knees apart and a jet of urine splashed into his face. Uthmaan was so surprised that he didn't even flinch as the stream of hot piss squirted directly into his mouth, replacing the salty taste of his cum with an overwhelmingly bitter flavour.
Hedya angled her body slightly, moving her hips to wash the stream across his face and hair. He choked and gagged as he involuntarily swallowed some of the amber liquid, and she allowed herself a smile as she finished emptying her bladder over her helpless victim.
'There there, all done,' she crooned. 'Now be a good boy and lick me clean.'
He hesitated, but obediently lapped at her cunt. By now he was beginning to accept that there was nothing this woman could not do to him. He was truly at her mercy - though mercy was something she lacked entirely.
Hedya let him lap away for a couple of minutes. Clearly he had no great skills in this area, but the sense of exerting power got her off far more than anything a man could actually do to her, and she ground her pussy into his face as she urged him on, much as she had done when he rimmed her anus.
After a few minutes she stood abruptly. 'That wasn't bad at all, Uthmaan,' she said pleasantly. 'But of course, you did hesitate again.' She jabbed the cattle prod into his balls once more, squatting beside him as his body arched in agony once more. She gave him a five second burst in the balls, then thoughtfully applied the prod to each nipple in turn. She had found that men made a distinctly different sound according to which part of their body you shocked. Some day she should really compile the recordings of her interviews and see if there was some sort of pattern. Perhaps she could write a paper on it, she mused.
She dragged Uthmaan over to the table and hauled him up onto the chair. She checked him over quickly; he was slumped, gazing into space while his body shivered uncontrollably. His bruises were beginning to show, especially his scrotum and face, and his skin was burned at several points from the cattle prod. With his head and shoulders drenched in fresh urine, he was quite a sight.
He was right at the turning point, she thought. It was a critical moment; on the one had, she had battered through his macho attitude quite effectively by now, revealing the frightened and insecure youth beneath. But he had not yet given her the information he knew she wanted. If this went on too long without him fully cracking, there was a risk of positive reinforcement; the longer he went without cracking, the more the shock value of the interrogation would wear off and the more how would begin to realise that he really could withstand the pain.
She crossed to the bag and returned with a pair of pliers and a pair of secateurs. She sat on the table facing him, her legs spread wide as she dropped the tools beside her. She casually unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, then leaned forward and punched him on the nose with all her strength. His head snapped backwards and she felt his nose crunch again as blood practically sprayed from it - broken for sure this time, she thought. The chair rocked back, and she put one boot on the edge of the seat to stop it from falling over.
His eyes began to refocus, locked onto her exposed breasts - now flecked with his own blood.
'Uthmaan, I'm getting a little bored with this. So here's what's going to happen next.' She picked up the pliers and held them out for him to see. 'I am going to ask you four times where the rockets are. After the first time, if I don't get an answer, I'm going to rip all of your fingernails off with this.' She picked up the secateurs. 'After the second, I'm going to cut your fingers off. The third time, I will castrate you. After that, I'm going to open you up and start cutting things out. And believe me when I tell you Uthmaan, I can keep you alive for hours while I do that. I've had plenty of practice.'
She took his broken hand, giving it a friendly squeeze. He moaned and tried to pull it away as the broken bones ground together, but his shoulders were far too damaged to put up more than a token resistance. She carefully locked the pliers onto his thumbnail, making sure to get a really good grip.
'Where are the rockets, Uthmaan?'
'I...' his voice trailed off as his eyes began to become glazed again. Hedya jerked as hard as she could; the thumbnail tore loose in one single motion. Uthmaan screamed, snapped back to reality by the shocking pain in his hand. Blood welled up from the tattered red nail bed. Hedya took a grip on the next finger, fastened the pliers to the nail, and ripped it off in a practised movement.
'No, please!' He screamed. 'I'll tell you! Please, don't!'
'Hush now, honey,' she said as she tore the third nail free. She dropped it on the desk alongside the others. 'I told you I'd take all ten if you didn't answer. Would you make me a liar? You'll get another chance to talk when I'm finished.'
She worked her way quickly and methodically through her task, ignoring his screams. Less than two minutes later she had a bloody pile of ten fingernails on the desk beside her. 'There we go,' she crooned, 'all done.'
She dropped the pliers and picked up the secateurs. Uthmaan's eyes were so wide she thought they might actually pop out of his head.
'Look honey, so far nothing I've done is permanent. Talk to me, and I'll have them look after your hand. In a few days you'll be out of here. We're not going to move on the rockets, we just want to watch them, see who goes there. That's all.' It was a transparent lie, but in his state he wouldn't be thinking too clearly. 'Nobody will ever know you helped us. You'll have plenty of marks to show your Hezbollah friends, you can boast about how you didn't tell the infidel Israelis a thing. In a couple of months you'll be back to normal. Hell, you'll be a hero!
'But from here on in it starts to get nasty. The things I'm going to start doing to you next are going to be irreversible. Things that will still be crippling you when you're fifty. So, Uthmaan, where are the rockets?'
'Baalbek! They're in Baalbek!' He practically screamed. 'There's a base there, lots of fighters, lots of rockets there!' He described the location exactly, practically frantic to talk now.
She dropped the secateurs and slid off the desk, straddling his lap as he began to sob uncontrollably. She cradled his head, pulling his face down to her breasts. 'There, there,' she murmured. Uthmaan's mouth wrapped around a nipple, almost unconsciously. 'There, there, mommy will make it all better. Mommy will make it better, then we'll talk some more. You can tell me everything now, it's all right.'
She looked at the camera in the corner, nodded. Chaim would already be reporting the location; Baalbek was deep inside Lebanon, she imagined they would assemble a helicopter assault force to take it tonight.
Which meant prisoners. She would have a busy day tomorrow.

Vienna, Austria, 1944. Ilsa Hoffmeyer knew instinctively that she was in deep trouble. The two men in leather black trench coats had been following her for the better part of two hours now, 'They must be Gestapo,' she thought to herself!!! She ducked into a small cafe, hoping to find her way out the back into the alley, but her path was blocked by a bunch of old crates up against the rear door, and as she turned around she was standing face to face with her pursuers, two Gestapo agents of Hitler's Third Reich! 'Fraulein Hoffmeyer, finally we meet in person,' one of the agents offered, 'unfortunately for you, it will be a rather unpleasant experience, shall we go now, please!?!'
Ilsa was in a daze as the two Nazis led her to a waiting automobile, where she was blind folded and told to be quiet. As one of a handful of under ground agents working for the allies in Austria, Ilsa was a prize catch that the Gestapo hoped they could squeeze for valuable information on the extent of the under ground activities in Austria as well as Germany. The car came to a stop and Ilsa was led still blind folded into a building where she was pushed into a chair and told to be quiet. Several minutes passed, until Ilsa was told by a feminine voice to remove her eye covering. When she pulled of the scarf covering her eyes, she was looking directly into the face of Marie Krupp, the notorious head of the Gestapo torture department. Looks could be deceiving, because Marie Krupp was a very beautiful woman, but the stories told about her, promised that this was going to be far from a enjoyable meeting! 'Fraulein Hoffmeyer,' Marie said smoothly, 'why don't you save yourself a lot of discomfort by telling us all we want to know about your subversive activities in our country!!!' 'Never,' spat back Ilsa, 'I'll never tell you a thing, you bitch!!!' Out of nowhere, Marie Krupp caught Ilsa across the face with a leather riding crop that nearly knocked her out! 'My, my, such language,' a still soft voiced Marie continued, 'if you continue to displease me, we can make you exceedingly uncomfortable!!!' Ilsa, still stunned from the shot to the cheek, didn't answer, while trying to shake the cob webs from her head. Marie Krupp, however, went on, 'I'm offering you one last chance, tell me about your organization or accept the consequences!!!' Ilsa, now able to speak, but a bit haltingly replied, 'I told you never, and I meant it!' This time, Marie didn't strike out at her prisoner, instead she went over to a guard and whispered something in his ear. What ever she said to him made him laugh evilly, and Ilsa knew that that probably wasn't good news for her!!!
Ilsa was in a daze as the two Nazis led her to a waiting automobile, where she was blind folded and told to be quiet. As one of a handful of under ground agents working for the allies in Austria, Ilsa was a prize catch that the Gestapo hoped they could squeeze for valuable information on the extent of the under ground activities in Austria as well as Germany. The car came to a stop and Ilsa was led still blind folded into a building where she was pushed into a chair and told to be quiet. Several minutes passed, until Ilsa was told by a feminine voice to remove her eye covering. When she pulled of the scarf covering her eyes, she was looking directly into the face of Marie Krupp, the notorious head of the Gestapo torture department. Looks could be deceiving, because Marie Krupp was a very beautiful woman, but the stories told about her, promised that this was going to be far from a enjoyable meeting! 'Fraulein Hoffmeyer,' Marie said smoothly, 'why don't you save yourself a lot of discomfort by telling us all we want to know about your subversive activities in our country!!!' 'Never,' spat back Ilsa, 'I'll never tell you a thing, you bitch!!!' Out of nowhere, Marie Krupp caught Ilsa across the face with a leather riding crop that nearly knocked her out! 'My, my, such language,' a still soft voiced Marie continued, 'if you continue to displease me, we can make you exceedingly uncomfortable!!!' Ilsa, still stunned from the shot to the cheek, didn't answer, while trying to shake the cob webs from her head. Marie Krupp, however, went on, 'I'm offering you one last chance, tell me about your organization or accept the consequences!!!' Ilsa, now able to speak, but a bit haltingly replied, 'I told you never, and I meant it!' This time, Marie didn't strike out at her prisoner, instead she went over to a guard and whispered something in his ear. What ever she said to him made him laugh evilly, and Ilsa knew that that probably wasn't good news for her
'Okay, take and get her ready, I'll be along shortly,' Marie ordered the burly guard! He came over and grabbed her roughly by the arm and practically dragged her down the hall to a spartan room that only had a couple of chairs and what looked like a doctor's examining table. Also in the room was another agent, who stood calmly by the table, as if he was waiting for her. 'Take off all your clothes,' the man by the table ordered, 'and make it snappy!' Ilsa surveyed the situation and realized it would be pointless to refuse, because if the stories were true, these to Nazis would have liked nothing better than to beat her senseless and then take her things off for her, so she slowly began removing her dress. When she was stark naked, the smaller, and it seemed more humane of the two agents asked her to please climb up on the table and lie down on her back. After she was in position, her arms were strapped tightly with restraints, and her legs were forced wide apart and then buckled into position. Unable to move, Ilsa could only imagine all sorts of painful terrors that awaited her. To her surprise, however, instead of inflicting great bodily harm to her, the young guard sat down on a stool between her legs and lathered her entire pubic area with soap, and after only a few seconds later, he produced a long straight razor and began meticulously saving her pubes. While not painful, Ilsa couldn't help but tense up as her most private parts were being displayed in front of the two strange men. When he was finished shaving her, the young guard, who Ilsa later found out was name Dieter, nodded to his partner, who in turn went to the door and summoned Maire Krupp back to the room.
Well, well,' intoned Krupp, 'you look as smooth as a new born baby, Fraulein Hoffmeyer!' 'What are you going to do to me,' asked Ilsa in a trembling voice? 'Oh my,' Krupp said gaily, 'I believe our visitor is a little nervous, well, don't worry about a thing, because today is your lucky day, and I guarantee that none of us here will harm even one hair on your pretty little head!' Ilsa knew better than to trust Marie Krupp, but she couldn't help but feel a little bit of relief at the probably empty promise. 'Tape,' Krupp ordered, and Dieter dutifully handed her a roll of white surgical tape of which Krupp then tore off a six or seven inch piece and stepped between Ilsa's splayed legs. Positioning the end of the length of tape on her left labial lip, she pulled it hard to the side, pulling Ilsa's vagina halfway open. Krupp then connected the other end of the tape to the inside of Ilsa's thigh, which in turn held her pussy open, while then taking the other piece of tape and repeating the procedure on the other lip. Ilsa's cunt was now more than exposed, it was pulled wide apart and held in place by the two strong pieces of medical tape. 'My, my,' Marie Krupp said, 'she looks like she's ready to get fucked!!!' 'Would you like that dear,' asked Krupp, 'would you like to have Helmut here stick his cock into you and fuck you hard until you cum!?!' It was a rhetorical question, because before Ilsa even had a chance to reply, Maire Krupp continued on, 'No, I don't believe you would like that, and since you don't want it, I will respect your wishes and leave your little pussy unfucked!' Ilsa knew that something terrible was about to happen, but she couldn't do anything about it. As she was contemplating her fate, Dieter had slid what looked like a small metal hose into position about eighteen inches above her vagina. It didn't look sinister, but Ilsa knew better, all this sweet talk by Marie Krupp was just a stall until she got around to doing her dirty work.
When the apparatus was finally in place, Maire Krupp again took over and said softly, 'Ilsa, I am giving you one more chance to tell me what you know about the underground, if you don't, well then, it's out of my hands!!!' 'Growing more terrified by the minute, Ilsa in a bold defiant voice said, 'No way will I tell you Nazi bastards anything, so do what ever you must to me, but I will remain silent!!!' A small smile crept over Marie Krupp's lips and she replied, 'No, Ilsa, you will finally beg me to listen to you, and you will gladly tell me all that you know!' Marie gave a curt nod to Dieter, who pulled on a lever that in a matter of seconds allowed drops of water to fall from the end of the metal hose and on down to Ilsa's crotch where it hit just to the left of her clitoris. Marie reached up and carefully adjusted the end of the hose until the drips were hitting directly on Ilsa's clit. 'Now fraulein, 'Maire Krupp offered, 'let us see how long it takes you to have an orgasm from the steady dripping of water as your only partner!!!' Ilsa felt sweat begin to break out on her forehead as the relentless dripping continued massaging her now totally erect clitoris. 'My, my,' intoned Marie Krupp, 'look at how her clit is betraying her, I don't think I've ever seen one quite that large, have you Dieter?' The two of them laughed out loud as Ilsa desperately tried to keep her clit under control! Marie began caressing Ilsa's large chest and twisting her nipples, which in turn caused Ilsa's cunt to flood itself with even more pussy juice. Just when Ilsa thought she was about to go over the edge, out of nowhere, Dieter appeared with a syringe full of a clear liquid that could for all Ilsa knew be full of water. Marie took the syringe and slowly shoved it into Ilsa' arm while saying, 'I can see that you're trying to resist your orgasm, well this will help you do just that, and in a few seconds it will be impossible for you to have a climax, and I promise you that in a while you will beg me to give you relief!'
Ilsa didn't really feel anything happening, but she had to admit that by now she normally would have had two or three orgasms. Marie ordered Dieter to suck on Ilsa's nipples, and with the young Nazi's mouth attached to her nipple, Ilsa felt the familiar feeling welling up in her surging cunt! 'Hah,' thought Ilsa, 'I won't have any trouble cumming at all, I'm almost there now, but while waiting for the usual rush to rip through her vagina, she all at once got the sinking feeling Marie was right, because try as she might, she couldn't quite get over the hump! Her clit was now on fire in a way it had never been before! The insistent sucking of her nipples was sending a current of electricity directly to her crotch, but no amount of concentration could get her over the top! 'Well, Ilsa,' Marie asked smoothly, 'are you ready to tell what I need to know!?!' Ilsa, now in great distress, shook her head violently and emphatically, NO!!! Marie Krupp just smiled and said, 'Maybe a little show will put you more in the mood to cooperate, and with that, she slid out of her clothes and had Helmut do the same. While he may have been little more than muscle to keep prisoners in line, when he dropped his pants, Ilsa could see the largest cock she had ever seen in her life! 'You like,' asked Marie, while stroking the big cock in her right hand, 'Helmut may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you can see why I keep him around!!!' Ilsa was now in a state of almost a sexual frenzy! She tried her best to hide it, but when Helmut turned Marie around and took her from behind, Ilsa let out a long low moan that coincided with Marie's. The only difference was, that Marie had two hard orgasms in quick succession, while Ilsa was still hanging on the precipice of climax! After she had recovered from her cum, Marie came over to Ilsa and dabbed the sweat from her face and said sweetly, 'Mmmm, that was so good, Helmut has such a wonderful penis, I came so fucking hard, but have to admit that I lied to you, I'm afraid we are going to have to let Helmut fuck you so you can feel how big and hard he is!'
Dieter moved the dripping water away from Ilsa's cunt, only to be replaced by the hulking Nazi who was running his cock up and down Ilsa's dripping slit. 'Ilsa couldn't even speak, she was in such a high state of sexual arousal, but when Helmut buried his meat deep inside of her with one hard thrust, Ilsa screamed in ecstasy as the huge 'hammer' pounded her into submission! 'Is it good, dear,' Marie asked soothingly, 'don't you just love his big pecker inside of you!?!' By now Ilsa was totally gone, and all she could do was babble incomprehensibly, but the gist of it was that she was getting the fucking of her life!!! Marie Krupp leaned down and whispered in her ear, 'Can you tell me now what you know, dear fraulein?!?' Ilsa moved her lips but no sound came out, except for the guttural growl of a wild animal in heat. Marie leaned over and took a hard nipple into her mouth and sucked hard, driving Ilsa to even greater heights! She was beginning to think that she might die right there on the table, her need for sexual release was so great, and while she didn't want to betray her cause, it was becoming very apparent that something was going to give! Marie again whispered into her ear, 'Ilsa darling, just nod your head if you will cooperate, if you do, I promise you that within thirty seconds you will have the orgasm of your life!!!' It was over and Ilsa knew it, she couldn't hold out for another second, and so with great reluctance she nodded her head yes, while Dieter, standing by with syringe in hand, quickly stepped in and gave Ilsa a second injection, this one an antidote to the first. With all of her sexual energy concentrated on the tip of her clitoris, it was only a matter of moments until Ilsa's vagina was being not only ravaged by Helmut's monster cock, but by a whirlwind climax that tore through her like a raging tornado! With all the pent up sexual energy, Ilsa came for what seemed to her to be hours, even though it was only for a minute or two! When she finally came down from her high, Marie caressed her head in her arms and whispered what a good little slut she had been. Marie gave Dieter a nod, and he again arranged the water spout over her now gaping pussy. Ilsa whispered hoarsely that she was ready to cooperate, and pleaded with the Nazi bitch to leave her alone, but Marie smiled a sadistic smile and said evenly, 'Oh dear, Ilsa, we are having too much fun to stop now, I think another two or three orgasms should just about do it!'
Drip, drip, drip, it was happening all over again! A sharp jab in her arm and the drug began to work its magic! Ilsa let her head roll to the side just in time to see Helmut mounting Marie Krupp and pounding his dick deep into her pussy! Her own clit began to careen out of control! It was going to be a long night!!!

Mistress teaches him a lesson he'll never forget

Regina walked into the bedroom to find David lying on his back on the
bed, eyes closed. He sighed softly as he masturbated, unaware she'd
walked in. He had only just started, slowly stroking his fingertips
up and down, growing his cock to full length. His long legs were bent
at the knees and his muscular arms stretched down between them. His
large, strong hand wrapped around his shaft and began to pump in
earnest. His light brown hair was disheveled in a sexy way.

"Oh, yes, baby, suck my dick. Lick me good," he whispered in fantasy.
His fingers tightened around his shaft, sliding up over the top of
his crown then back down again. "Let me fuck your luscious mouth,
Regina. Take all of me, mmmmm."

Regina leaned against the doorframe and watched him. She was quite
amused by his display. His cock grew rock hard as he whispered to her
in his fantasy. She was tempted to go to him and fulfill his desire
but was enthralled by just watching him. His back arched up a little
and his hand flew up and down his thick spear. She felt twinges in
her pussy and her breathing quickened. Much to her chagrin she had
the urge to rip her skirt and panties off and sit on his stiff prick!

She almost laughed as she thought of the trouble he was soon to find
himself in. She'd told him he could not touch himself or make himself
come a week ago, before she left for her business trip. Here he was,
in all his glory, disobeying her. Well, she'd let him come and make a
mess of himself. If she stopped him now, she might have felt more
lenient. But the thought of making him suffer for coming without her
permission was too delicious and she'd let him have his way for now.

She was tempted not to blame him. After all, she'd called him every
night and made him listen to her as she played with herself and made
herself come. She would detail everything, the sensations, where she
was touching. She described how it would feel for him as she touched
and played with him or made him please her. She was a softy at heart,
but she did expect her instructions to be followed. Now he had ruined
her plans, and she was sorely disappointed.

"Yes, bitch, suck my cock. Come on! Take it down your throat like a
good girl!" his voice was harsh as he pumped faster. David panted and
arched his back again. "Swallow my cum, slut! Here…it…comes!" he
grunted and all of a sudden streams of hot white semen flew into the
air. The purple head of his dick squirted like a human fountain.
Regina quietly walked toward the bed as his cum fell back onto his
stomach and chest.

"What a lovely performance," she said softly as she stood by the bed
looking down on him.

"What the fu…" David stopped in mid-sentence, his eyes flew open as
he ripped his hand from his cock and sat up. "Mistress, I thought you
were arriving the day after tomorrow." He looked down at himself, at
the mess on his body.

"Yes, but I was able to wrap it up early and couldn't wait to get
home to my sweet slut boy. I was going to surprise you and have a
nice dinner waiting for you when you got home from work. I had other
things in mind, perhaps a nice reward for your obedience. But it
seems you've taken a day off, not only from work but from my
directions on how to conduct yourself while I was away." Regina sat
on the edge of the bed. She laid her hand on his thigh; her fingers
were cool against his warm skin.

"Yeah, well…" David was at a loss for words. He could not look Regina
in the eyes. His cock quickly wilted.

"Looks like you've got a mess here. Let me help you get cleaned up."
Regina wiped up some semen with her fingertips and pressed them to
David's lips. "Lick my fingers clean." Regina sighed as David
tentatively licked the sticky goo off her fingers. She jammed her
fingers into his mouth. "Come on, you were so excited about sucking a
while ago, show me what you would have liked on that little dick of
yours. Suck my fingers like you mean it!"

David lightly held her hand with his and began to suck as she'd
demanded. His tongue flicked up and down the length of her fingers.
He sucked them hard as his tongue swirled around and over them. He
finally looked up into her eyes and found her frowning back at him.
He slid his hand up and down her arm, massaging and caressing as he
sucked her fingers.

Regina pulled away from him and stood up. She went to the dresser and
brought out a black velvet bag and four trimmed lengths of rope with
leather cuffs. Returning to the bed she dropped the bag into David's
lap and pushed him backward to lie flat on the bed. She remained
silent as she tied him, spread eagle, to the posts of the bed. Then
she pulled a leather cock ring from the bag and fastened it around
the base of his flaccid dick. When she made sure he was secure she
undressed and stood by the bed, just looking at him for a few
moments. He looked up at her fine face framed by short, dark brunette
hair. Her lovely hazel eyes seemed to penetrate his very soul. Her
shoulders were back causing her large breasts to thrust forward. He
glanced down her softly rounded body taking in her beautiful curves
and let his eyes rest on her neatly trimmed pussy. His dick was
becoming hard again and she hadn't even touched him.

"You're so bad. How often did you jerk off while I was gone?" Regina
asked as she played with her nipples, letting him watch as she coaxed
them to erection.

"Only this time. Mistress, you called me every night and described
how you were playing with your clit and finger fucking yourself. You
told me how wet you were. I imagined you letting me suck your pussy.
I missed you so much." The expression on his face was pleading,

"Hmmm….yes. I told you how my cunt ached for you. I described my pink
pussy lips becoming swollen, my cunt dripping wet for you. I played
with my clit thinking of how you work it with your luscious tongue. I
came every night. But you were not allowed to touch your little
prick; you were only allowed to listen to me come." She smiled at him
as she continued to tease her nipples, pinching and pulling them,
while he eagerly watched.

"Mistress, I'm sorry." David whispered.

Regina picked the bag up and fished around until she found the items
she needed. She set the bag on the bedside table and then sat on the
bed between his legs. She teased his dick with her nails, pleased
with his hardening reaction. She showed him the feather in her hand
and leaned over his body to kiss his lips. Then she began with his
face and caressed his eyes and cheeks with the feather. She fluttered
it down to his left ear and down his neck. Softly dragging it across
his upper chest she teased his nipples then leaned down to suck them
and bite them. She loved feeling the tiny nubs harden against her

Laying the feather on his sternum she produced nipple clips for him
to see. He frowned and looked away. Regina fastened one clip to his
left nipple slowly tightening it, then the other clip to his right
nipple, securing it and tugging on the chain to test the hold. David
winced and she pulled again to make him feel her control. She reached
for the bag and produced a blindfold and slid it over his eyes,
fastening it behind his head. Now that she had the most sensitive
places on his body bound she proceeded with the feather.

She glided it lightly across his skin, from his nipples over his rib
cage. Goose bumps rose like Swiss polka dots all over his torso as he
squirmed beneath her. She drew little circles down either side of his
belly then teased his navel. Tracing back up his sides she painted
his inner arms and pits with the softness of the tip of the feather.
David moaned and pulled his shoulders up. Regina dragged the feather
back down to his stomach and brushed his cock with it. Then she
dusted the insides of his thighs and he raised his hips. She slapped
his hip with her hand.

"Don't move. You have no reason to push your cock up into the air, as
if you think something's there to receive it. Do you think it's going
to be swallowed by my mouth or pussy? You just lay still and mind
yourself," she sternly commanded. He whimpered and did his best to
remain still.

Again, she flicked up and down the length of his shaft with the
feather. Using the sharp end of the feather's quill she traced around
the hole at the tip of his penis. She lightly scratched it down his
shaft too, causing him to gasp and flinch. Then she caressed his
smooth, hairless balls with the soft length of the feather, and he

She sighed and rested her hand on his thigh, then pinched him, in
warning. "You're trying my patience, and it is already short! Shall I
just give you a good whipping? I could find my biggest dildo and make
you hold it inside your tight ass while I whip the outside good and

"I'm sorry Mistress! I won't move again, I promise," David pleaded.

"You are out of control, David. I know we've been apart for several
days, but really, you need to get a grip on yourself. Oh, sorry…
you're not allowed, are you?" Regina laughed as she flicked the
feather on the insides of his thighs, then the insides of his
knees. "You are usually better at following instructions. What
happened? I've always admired your strength in controlling yourself.
But look at you, today. Jerking off by yourself, squirming your hips
when told to be still. Tell me, what's gotten into you?"

"I loved that you called me and told me about fucking your pussy with
your beautiful fingers. When you described flicking your clit, I
imagined that was my tongue, stroking it. I've been so horny since
you went away. All I can think about is touching you, caressing you,
licking you. I just….I just couldn't help it. I woke up this morning
and took a shower and while I was soaping up, my hand slid along my
cock and it immediately hardened. I just rinsed off but it stayed

"Well, it's lovely that you kept me in your thoughts. But, come on,
your cock stayed hard even though you weren't touching it?" Regina
scoffed at him.

"Honest, I swear to God. I got dressed for work and my rod was just
bulging in my pants. I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee and
watched the news for a few minutes, trying to get my mind off my hard-
on. My whole body felt so hot and my cock throbbed. I could only
think of sucking your juicy cunt, tasting your sweet honey dripping
on my tongue." David paused and tried to relax. As he told her of his
morning, his cock was now throbbing again; it felt so taut from the
ring at the root of his shaft.

"Interesting yarn, you could write a story" Regina sighed and moved
off the bed. She stepped to the end of the bed and fluttered the
feather down the inside of his calves. Then she raked her nails down
his legs, starting from where his thighs connected to his groin,
slowly drawing her nails down with an occasional dig into his skin.
He moaned and made his legs rigid so as to keep from moving.

"Yes, well, I…oh God. Mistress, I…," David sucked air into his lungs.

"Go on, slut-boy, tell me how you could not keep from masturbating! I
want to know what forces overcame your self-control." Regina circled
his toes with the feather then ran it down his soles and back up his
arches. She repeated this circle over and over, sometimes flicking it
to intensify the tickling. His feet flexed and he held them upright.

"Mistress, your cunt is so beautiful, I worship it. You know I only
want to please you. But I came upstairs to get my jacket and my cock
brushed against the dresser as I checked my hair in the mirror. I saw
a wet stain on the front of my pants where my precum had leaked. I
thought I would not be able to last until you came home, I was going
crazy. Your words were in my head. I felt so frustrated. So, I called
in sick. I went into the bathroom and ran a cold shower. At first it
shocked me and I started to go limp. Then I touched my rod and damn
it if it didn't start to swell again! I started to pump it but
stopped before I came. Then I got out of the shower, dried off, and
laid down on the bed and fell asleep."

"Wow, I'm impressed that you kept yourself from ejaculating. You were
right to seek sleep if that would have helped you keep my commands.
But David, you still jacked off. You lost your battle. I'm very
disappointed." Regina used the sharp end of the quill and lightly
scratched his soles. This time he could not stop himself from

David's cock was an angry shade of purple and straining in its skin.
He pulled his wrist bindings. His breath was ragged as he fought to
control himself. Regina moved back up his legs and caressed his cock
with the feather. She stepped to the side of the bed to tickle the
sides of his stomach and up his rib cage, back to his arm pits. She
slowly drew the tip of the feather back and forth on the insides of
his upper arms. His face was bright red, his mouth a taut thin line.
His skin felt as if it was crawling with ants.

"Oh, God!" he loudly exclaimed and pulled on his binds. "Ok, ok. I
slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up my cock was soft and I
felt so relieved. I got up to pee and I didn't touch myself. But when
I turned from the toilet I accidentally brushed against the sink
counter and the cool granite felt so nice. I couldn't stand it any
longer. I came back to the bed and fantasized that you were giving me
a blow job and God, it felt so good to stroke my cock! All the while
I knew I was disobeying you, but I felt angry with you! You kept
teasing me each night. I thought that was just cruel of you. At that
point I didn't care, I had to come!" David gasped as Regina suddenly
yanked hard on his nipple clips.

"You really are wicked, David! You didn't care about my orders? Oh my
God, what am I going to do with you? Shall I kick you out? How can I
keep you if you don't care to obey me?" she yelled at him and
continued to jerk the chain until he cried out.

"I'm sorry! I was bad! I was wrong! I love you, God, I love you,
please!" David was feeling frantic at the thought of her kicking him
out. He did love her. They had a close, deep bond and he could not
stand the thought of losing her.

"Oh yes? And how in the hell are you going to make it up to me? You
weak, little slut! You sure had me fooled. I thought you were better
and stronger than this. I have only loved and doted on you. I have
treated you well. In fact, I love doing wonderful things for you,
cooking your favorite meals, buying you little gifts, making sweet
love with you. It excites me to make you happy. It thrills me to be
loved by you. I don't treat you like a slave, I only asked for
obedience in all things sexual." Regina released his wrists, then his
ankles. "Roll over, slut. Do it NOW. God, I'm so pissed off at you!"

David was quick to obey and Regina was just as quick to put the cuffs
on his wrists but left his legs free. She retrieved a paddle from the
nightstand drawer and then shoved a pillow under his hips. He moaned
as the pillow was forced against his engorged cock, sending
shockwaves down into his balls. He tensed himself up for the paddle
but after several moments he realized only silence.

Regina went to the chair by the window and sat down. She was
breathing hard and needed to calm down. She did not want to punish
him while she was angry. She wanted him to learn a lesson, but did
not want to wind up smacking the hell out of his ass. Sometimes she
spanked him to heighten the pleasure for both of them and she did not
want to seriously hurt him. After about 10 minutes she got up and
went to him. Her hands softly caressed his ass cheeks as she admired
his bottom. Then she lightly rubbed the paddle over his cheeks for a
few moments.

"David, I did not want to hurt you, so I took a few minutes to
compose myself. You said you were angry, so you jerked off. You might
think you were angry at me for teasing you and leading you on each
night while I was away. But if you think about it, you must admit
that you were angry that you could not control yourself for me. It's
difficult to accept that your lust overruled your better judgment.
You've never had a problem with this before, during my previous
business trips. You have always obeyed me and always been well
rewarded. Am I no longer good enough for you to submit to me?" Regina
quietly spoke to him.

"Oh, Mistress! You are so good to me, always have been. You are more
than good enough for me. I love you. You mean so much to me. I take
responsibility for my transgressions. I accept whatever punishment
you choose to give me," David's voice was thick with emotion. He knew
he'd hurt her, betrayed her confidence in him. He'd never known
anyone like her and thoroughly enjoyed being submissive to her. She
did not control him outside the bedroom and he was grateful for this
relationship with her. They made a good match, a good team. He did
not want to lose her.

Regina was about to commence with his spankings when the doorbell
rang. She frowned and went to the window and saw a delivery truck
parked in front of the house. She'd been expecting an important
package from a company for which she'd been doing some consulting.
She had a deadline on a project for them and really needed to get
these documents.

"Damn it. David, I have to sign for this. I'll be right back. Just
lie there and think of what is deservedly coming." She threw on a
robe and tightened it as she dashed down the stairs. David could hear
her talking to the delivery man. His mind wandered to his cock, it
was sore and throbbing. As soon as she returned he was going to beg
her to let it free of the ring, it was beginning to hurt quite badly.
It seemed as if several minutes had passed and she still had not
returned. He could still hear voices from downstairs, but was unable
to make out the words.

When Regina opened the door she found a very handsome Asian man
standing before her in his brown uniform and hat, smiling back at
her. She reached out for the package and clipboard and their hands
touched. It was if something sharp had touched her and she dropped
the package.

"Geez, I'm sorry. It's so dry today, there is so much static
electricity. I didn't mean to shock you." The delivery man bent down
and retrieved the package for her. As he straightened up he got a
glimpse of her shapely legs, almost up to her crotch, as the front of
her silk robe was slightly open. "Here ya go" he smiled at her and
held out the package. There eyes caught and for a moment they stood
and stared at each other.

"Oh, yes, thanks," Regina said as she took the package. He took the
clipboard from her and held it for her while she signed it. Again
their hands touched and she looked at him. He was gorgeous with jet
black hair and light brown skin. His eyes were softly almond-shaped
but he must have had some Caucasian influence in his genes as they
were green and the corners were not tightly angled. His lips were
full and his teeth white and straight. "Hey, it is really hot today,
would you like some water, or something?"

"Well, I'm almost done with my route, I've only got a few more stops,
then I'm off," he offered in response. "This might sound kind of
bold, but would you like to go out for a drink with me, tonight?"

"I'm in the middle of something, actually. But you know, I could use
a little help. It would only take a few minutes." Regina smiled and
raised her eyebrows, flirting him into saying yes. She glanced at his
name badge then looked into his eyes. "Come on, Josh, just a couple
of minutes of your time?"

"I don't know," Josh turned and looked back at his truck. He turned
back to her and saw her robe had opened a little more letting him
view the tops of her breasts. He felt a stirring in his crotch. This
was the ultimate fantasy, having some naughty fun delivering a fine
little carnal "package" to a sexy woman half dressed and
willing. "Ok, but just a couple of minutes. I'm on the clock and they
get nasty about overtime."

Regina pulled the door toward her to let him enter the house. When
she closed the door she locked it and let her robe fall open then she
turned back around. This would be a good lesson for David, to have
someone watch, maybe even participate in his punishment. Regina could
feel her pussy become slick with her juices. What a stroke of luck
that Josh was so willing! Little did he know what he was in for. This
would be exciting to have two men under her control!

"Follow me, I'm just trying to hang a picture and it's kind of heavy.
I just need you to hold it up for me while I measure and make sure
it's straight." She began up the stairs and beckoned him with her
hand. Josh smiled and was right behind her. His pants bulging
already. "Just in here," Regina said and let him enter the bedroom

"Christ, what the hell?" Josh stopped and turned back to Regina. She
closed the door behind her. Josh looked back at the bed taking in the
scene and his mind raced with confusion. "What's going on here? No,
wait, I'm outta here." He stepped toward her as she guarded the door.

"Now, Josh. I'm sorry to lie to you. But I really do need your help."
Regina wrapped one arm around his neck and pressed her breasts
against his chest. Her other hand found his hard bulge and she softly
squeezed it. "Still hard even after being shocked by what you see?
Maybe you'd like some of it, hmmm?" She reached up to his face and
kissed him, softly at first. Then she teased his lips with her tongue
and found her way into his mouth.

"Regina, what are you doing?" David spoke up, unhappy at hearing this
stranger's voice and realizing she'd brought a man into their bedroom.

"Excuse me? What did you just call me?" She asked as she pushed Josh
backward toward the chair. "You see, Josh, we have a little
discipline problem going on. And I need you to help me teach this
unworthy slut a lesson." She pushed Josh down into the chair. He just
looked up at her, feeling dazed and astonished. She pulled the silk
belt from her robe and grabbed his wrist and quickly tied it to the
back leg of the chair. Josh tried to jerk free and push her back but
she shoved her knee into his groin and he grunted in pain as he sat
back down.

"That's better. I don't understand what is with disobedient men!" she
exclaimed as she pulled his belt from around his waist and used to
tie his other hand to the leg underneath the seat of the chair. She
shrugged out of her robe, letting it pool at her feet. She stepped
over to the bed and picked up the paddle. She yanked the blindfold
off David's face so he could see their surprise guest, who was
watching them. "Now, Josh, observe carefully and see what happens to
naughty sluts who refuse to obey their Mistresses! And you, David,
start counting!"

Regina slapped David's ass and he responded with a count of one. His
heart was pounding at the thought of some stranger, a man no less,
watching what was happening. What in the hell was Regina thinking?
How could she humiliate him in front of another man? It was almost
too much for him to accept, but he could do nothing about it. WHACK
and he grunted out a loud "two".

"Hey, you bitch! You can't hold me here! I'm going to call the cops!"
Josh yelled as he tried to work free of his binds. Regina dropped the
paddle on the bed and went over to Josh. She thrust her full, round
breasts into his face and held the back of his head with her hand.

"Suck me, Josh. Go on…I want to feel you suck my tit. Suck me like
you mean it!" She pressed her nipple to his lips. He looked up into
her eyes almost as if in challenge, then sucked her nipple, hard. He
licked it and nibbled the dark pink pearl. "Yes, you like that, and
you do it so well. You should feel my cunt, so wet and hot. Can I
feel your cock? Let me see what you've got hanging between those
muscular legs." She reached down and unzipped his pants and dipped
her hand into his shorts. She roughly yanked his engorged cock out
and stroked it while he moved is mouth to her other tit.

David watched them in stunned silence. How dare she bring this jerk
in and then let him touch her and she jack him off! David's own cock
felt as if it was about to explode and he was ready to scream.

Regina laughed softly and let go of Josh's dick. It was swollen,
pointing up at her as if begging for attention. She gently pulled her
tit from his mouth, then slapped his cheek. He gasped in surprise
then his face turned red in anger.

"Don't you EVER call me a bitch. You will only address me as
Mistress, do you understand?" she asked as she squeezed his jaw in
her hand. Then she kissed him hard and moved down to his cock and
began to suck on it. Josh moaned and pushed his hips up to her.
Regina sucked the crown of his cock and pumped the shaft with her
hand. Her rough handling excited the hell out of him. When she heard
his breathing change and sensed his body stiffen she pulled away
before he could come. Josh cried out and threw his head back.

"What is your fucking game, lady? You are a couple of sick, twisted
freaks!" Josh spat out at her. "Let me go right now!"

"Believe me Josh, this is no game. For my little slut-boy and me,
this is very serious. You need to learn some respect or I'll just
keep you in this suspended state, close to coming but not quite
allowing you to release. And I'll paddle your ass nice and hard. Then
you'll be in a world of hurt." Regina turned back to David and picked
up the paddle. "Where did we leave off, David?"

"Uh, um…two" David quickly refocused on his punishment. Seeing
her "man-handle" Josh had caused David a strange thrill. Yet, he felt
ashamed that she would let this asshole share in their bedroom
exploits. It was not meant to be this way. He would gladly submit to
whatever she wished, but not like this. "Please Mistress! I'm asking
you to make this guy leave. Don't do this."

"Why David, did I give you permission to make requests? I'm surprised
at you, you know better. Besides, with little Josh witnessing it this
will make you remember what you're being punished for. Tell Josh what
you did!" But David remained silent, unwilling to further humiliate
himself or let this stranger into his private world with
Regina. "David, I'm waiting. And Josh doesn't have all day, either."

"Fuck!" David sighed in exasperation. "I was ordered not to touch
myself or come while my Mistress was gone on business but she came
home early to find me jerking off." David could not look at either
Josh or Regina. He felt himself blush and turned his head in the
other direction, away from them. WHACK! "Three!" he cried out, if
only to get it over with. All of a sudden he felt Regina's cool hand
on his raging hard-on and she unfastened the clip on the cock
ring. "Oh God!" David gasped. WHACK! "Four."

"Don't even think about coming, David. Just concentrate on your ass
and you'll be all right." Regina said softly. Her heart was pounding
as she divided her attention between the two men. She was extremely
excited to have put them both in their places. She felt so cool-
headed about the whole situation which made her feel very powerful.
She could cause pain or give pleasure as she wished and they were
helpless to resist her! By the look in Josh's eyes he was beginning
to take an interest, as well. And her beautiful David, he may be
feeling peeved at having this stranger share his time with her, she
knew when all was said and done he'd be completely fulfilled. He
would definitely learn about self-control. Her pussy twinged and
weeped sweet juices at the thought of her control over them!

Josh started to feel curiously fascinated by what was happening. How
could this guy let himself get in this predicament? Could he really
be turned on by this treatment? This woman was some bitch, but she
had some fine tits. If Josh's hand were free he'd throw her to the
ground and fuck the hell out of her. He'd turn her over and fuck her
ass while he spanked her with each thrust. She should get some of her
own treatment and see how it felt. Yet, as he watched this whole
thing play out, his own cock was rigid and throbbing. He was
surprised at his reaction and was trying to figure out if it was from
watching the guy get spanked or thoughts of revenge on the bitch.
Josh jerked his head up at the sound of his name, suddenly realizing
she was talking to him.

"Josh, I asked you if you thought he'd had enough." Regina glared at
him, impatient with is inattention. "He's had 25 swats, what do you

"Jesus, how the hell should I know? You seem to be the freakin'
expert," Josh answered in disgust. He still could not get over a man
letting a woman wale on his body like this. He watched as she
released David's wrists and told him to roll to his back. Then she re-
cuffed his wrists. Regina walked toward Josh with the paddle in her
hand. "Better get away from me with that thing. Don't you touch me,
you bitch, or I'll have you charged with assault and battery!"

"Josh, you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know
what you're missing." Regina stood before him and slipped her fingers
into her cunt. She held her fingers to his lips. "Lick my fingers,
Josh. Come on, you aren't afraid of a little honey, are you?"

Before Josh realized it he did lick her fingers and even began
sucking them, if merely in defiance of her challenging attitude. Then
she coated her fingers with more pussy juice and smeared it on her
nipples. She offered her breasts to him and he obliged her by
enthusiastically sucking and licking both her breasts clean. Then
Regina slid the handle of the paddle between her legs. She smeared it
with her sweet fluids dripping from her pussy then held it under his
nose. He tried to turn his face away but she grabbed him by the
hair. "Now lick this clean, because your going to get more in a
little bit. You can't deny you enjoy the taste of me, can you?" Josh
reluctantly submitted to her and licked the handle, bristling at the
thought of it being a cock. In a bizarre way he was getting off on
her ordering him to do what she willed, pushing his tolerance.

"Good boy. Now, as your reward I'm going to let you fuck my pussy
with your tongue and I want to see if you can make me come. Have you
ever made a woman come with your mouth, Josh?" Regina slowly untied
his hands then bade him to stand up. He moved uneasily, contemplating
sucking her juicy cunt when she forced him to turn around and tied
his hands behind his back. She pushed on his shoulders to kneel, then
lay down.

"Mistress, please don't do this! I'm begging you not to let this guy
touch you. You know I can make you come. You know I can pleasure
you." David pleaded.

"David, calm yourself. Were we not just discussing self-control a
little while ago? You'll get your turn. No one will be left out if
both of you continue to behave." Regina kneeled over Josh's face and
lowered her swollen pussy to his lips. She had him just where she
wanted him. He was more compliant now, and she still had a use for
him to complete David's punishment. She was facing his lower body and
reached out and grasped his engorged rod. She began to slowly stroke
it as Josh alternated between sucking her clit and jabbing his fat
tongue up inside her slick hole. He moaned and sucked harder on her
pussy as she pumped his meaty dick.

David felt upset and flustered as he watched Regina close her eyes
and smile. She groaned and ground her pussy against Josh's face.
David licked his lips, aching to suck the sweet, flushed flesh
between her legs. He felt sick to his stomach, helpless to stop her
let another man touch her this way. He watched as Regina bent forward
to take Josh's cock into her mouth. David moaned in frustration and
yanked on his wrist bindings. Just before Josh could come Regina
pulled her mouth away from is prick and her cunt away from his mouth.

"Come here, bi…um, Mistress. Come back and sit on my fat stick. I
need to come so bad! Please stop this and let me come!" Josh panted.

Regina went to the bed and straddled David. She looked down to make
sure Josh was watching. "Did you think you could make me come with
that pathetic tongue of yours? You need to learn better techniques,
delivery boy. You need some serious practice on a something nice and
fleshy," she practically growled at Josh. David shot an evil glance
at Josh, then looked up and smiled at his lovely Mistress.

Josh felt as if his muscles were too loose and he struggled to sit up
with his hand tied behind him. His cock jutted out from between his
legs and his balls burned for release. He looked up and watched as
Regina raised above David's extended dick and slid her pussy down its
length, all the way up to the hilt. David sighed heavily and began to
thrust his hips up and down. Regina rode him like a carousel horse,
gracefully gliding up and down. She played with her breasts, pinching
her nipples. Then her right hand drifted down to her clit and she
rubbed it to a budding hardness.

"There's my slut, my fuck toy! Oh you feel so good. Only you can make
me come, only your cock is good enough for my cunt. Don't you know
that? Ahhhhhh…" Regina manipulated her clit faster, feeling the
climax build up. "Don't you come, slut! Not yet! Only me! Watch me,
now…oh God, watch meeee!!!" Regina screamed as her orgasm exploded
and felt her pussy tightly grip David's thick shaft. Warmth spread
out from her groin as her cunt spasmed with relief. "Oh, David,
you're such a good fucker!" She leaned down to rest on top of him,
feeling the exquisite sensation of her orgasm melt her body.

She slid off his body and eased herself to the floor to sit in front
of Josh. She brought her knees up and let him see her sopping pussy
as she gently massaged her clit and vulva. She brought her fingers up
to her nipples and rubbed them, too. He leaned forward to suck on
them but she gently pushed him back.

"No, Josh. I have something better for you to suck on." She smiled as
she saw him look down at her pussy. "No, not that either. Josh, you
have a special part in all of this. I think between the humiliation
and the paddling that David has been punished enough. I doubt he will
ever disobey me again. Because the next time he does, I will ask him
to leave and not come back. If he messes up his second chance, I will
not be able to trust him ever again. Wouldn't you agree, Josh?"

"Yes, Mistress." Josh smiled at her, wondering what she was going to
do with him. He needed to come so badly that at this point, he was
even willing to try a spanking. His cock hurt so bad, he could only
imagine what poor David's must feel like.

"All right, then. Get up on your knees and come to the bed." Regina
moved over for him to kneel next to her. "I want you to get up on the
bed between David's legs and face him." Josh frowned at her but she
smiled and started to stand up, gripping his arm to help him up. He
let her lead him onto the bed and looked down into David's face.

David's face was pale and his hair was plastered to his skull from
sweat. His muscular body trembled in anticipation as to what Regina
wanted next. He silently prayed she was not going to make him suck on
Josh's dick, he would just vomit if she tried to force him to do
that. He was already feeling sick from watching her with Josh and
from not being allowed to ejaculate his load. His balls felt full and
heavy, ready to explode.

"Look at David's cock, it's still slick with my own cum, dripping
down the sides. It looks quite succulent, don't you think? So wet and
juicy. I'll bet it tastes so good, after all, that's my pussy juices
all over it. Like icing on a cake." Regina ran her finger down the
length of David's shaft and slid her finger into Josh's mouth. "What
do you think? Sweet like me?"

Josh sucked on her finger and did indeed taste her nectar. He sucked
her finger harder, deeper into his mouth. He loved the feel of her
soft flesh in his mouth as he licked and nibbled her finger. He could
not get enough of her taste, he wanted more. He looked into her eyes
and smiled.

"Josh, here, lick my David clean. Just think of me with a cock, you
will taste me but it will only be a different shape," she said as she
pressed him down towards David's prick. Josh's smile turned to a look
of dismay and he tried to back away, but she was forceful and pushed
him down, then quickly straddled his legs and leaned on his back.

Josh's protests were muffled by David's long, thick shaft pushed
against his lips. David was practically delirious with the thought of
being able to finally come that he didn't care who sucked him off, he
was going to fucking come! Josh resisted and tried to turn his head
but Regina grabbed him by the hair and pushed him back. He closed his
eyes and tentatively licked the column of flesh pressed against his
lips. He could taste Regina, David's cock was coated with her nectar.
He licked again, this time a longer stroke. Soon, Josh let himself go
and found himself licking the whole shaft from top to bottom, even
sucking off the sticky juice from David's smooth balls.

David groaned and thrust his hips up and down. He wanted to feel his
straining cock wrapped inside that hot mouth. If this is how Regina
wanted it, then so be it. He was going to completely enjoy it and
appreciate what Regina was doing for him. He'd never had a man give
him a blow job. Before Regina, he'd never experienced much beyond the
routine missionary position. She'd opened up so many wondrous
pleasures to him, and now he discovered a new one. He was just
relieved he was on the receiving end. He gasped as he felt Josh open
his mouth and suck the head of his cock right in.

Regina smiled at the pleasure on David's face. Now that Josh was
giving his best effort she pulled away from his back. Since he was
being such an enthusiastic player she decided she'd treat him a
little, too. She reached around to his front and wrapped her fingers
around his hot, thick prick. She felt that his cock was drooling
precum and used it as a lubricant for her hand. Regina began to pump
his shaft in time with his mouth sliding up and down on David's rod.
By now both men were groaning and writhing with excitement.

"Mistress, please, can I come now? Please let me come!" David begged

"Oh yes, both of you sluts can come, and come hard for me!" She
encouraged them and laughed softly.

"Oh, ohhhhh…now! Suck me dry, Josh!" David threw his head back and
cried out, thrusting his hips up, fucking Josh's mouth. He felt the
cum surging up all the way from his balls!

Josh groaned loudly and simultaneously felt his cum shoot from his
own cock as David's burst into his mouth. He tried to suck it up, but
after a moment coughed and gagged and had to pull off David's cock.
He did his best in sucking David off, but he was not used to drinking
a man's cum. David spurted a few more times all over Josh's face.
Josh could only kneel there as his own orgasm convulsed throughout
his body. Both men were grunting and heaving huge gulps of air into
their lungs. Then Josh let himself fall to his side and David relaxed
his hips as both men tried to catch their breaths.

"Wow, now that was a performance!" Regina said cheerfully. She got
off the bed and sat in the chair waiting for them to calm down. "Oh,
Josh. I'm sorry to have screwed up your delivery schedule. But I
think you just made your most important delivery of the day, don't
you agree?" She giggled and got up to untie his hands. Then she
released David's wrists and kissed him deeply. "Please tell me you
will not disobey me again. You know I love you, but I really hate to
punish you. Discipline in training is one thing, punishment is

"Oh my wonderful Mistress, you are too good to me. I love you, too."
David sat up and took her into his arms.

Josh got off the bed but held onto the post for support. His mind was
swirling with everything that just happened. He almost couldn't
believe what he'd just done. He wasn't sure if he was thrilled or
disgusted. But he thought he would not resist it if anything like
this happened again. He would have to have more experiences like this
to come to any conclusion. He did know that the thought of a woman
dominating him was exciting and briefly wondered if Regina could
handle two men. But as he watched David and Regina holding each other
and how they looked at each other, he realized he was going to have
to find his own Domme. He coughed softly to get their attention.

ght he would not resist it if anything like this happened again. He
would have to have more experiences like this to come to any
conclusion. He did know that the thought of a woman dominating him
was exciting and briefly wondered if Regina could handle two men. But
as he watched David and Regina holding each other and how they looked
at each other, he realized he was going to have to find his own
Domme. He coughed softly to get their attention.

"Okay. I should get back to work, I guess. I don't know what to say.
I'm kind of pissed off but, wow…" Josh looked at them and shook his
head. He zipped his pants up and retrieved his belt from the
floor. "I'll just let myself out." He left the room and headed down
the stairs.


"Yeah?" He turned to see Regina at the top of the stairs. She looked
beautiful, naked, standing tall above him, her beautiful big tits
jutting out. He hoped he'd be able find someone like her.

"Are you ok? No harm done?" she asked. Josh chuckled.

"Not that I know much, but you seem too soft to be a hard ass Domme.
Yeah, I'll be ok as soon as I sort through it all. It was kind of
overwhelming you know?" He smiled at her then turned and left. Regina
heard his truck start up and drive off as she went down and locked
the front door. Then she joined David in the bathroom to take a nice,
hot shower.

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